Customer Testimonials

We have known Jeff for over ten years. We can confirm that he is a man of great integrity and is extremely dedicated to his family and work. At all times we have found Jeff to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, and honest. He is patient, level headed, fair minded, and very trustworthy. Jeff derives satisfaction from helping his customers and provides highly professional solutions to whatever task he is given to accomplish. He's professional, knowledgeable, courteous and quick to help. Additionally, Jeff doesn't abandon his customers when the whistle blows. He sticks to it even after hours until he resolves whatever task his customer has given to him to accomplish. We are very proud of Jeff and the success that has come to Southern ProWash. We enthusiastically recommend Jeff and Southern ProWash. We are sure that he will continue to provide a dedicated, highly caring and successful service to the community. We would strongly recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue. We are very pleased with the outcome of all the jobs we asked Jeff to accomplish for us.We consider ourselves blessed to be able to call him friend. Jack & Jo-Ann Martin, Cary, NC


How grateful can a person be when a job that is expected to be done well exceeds your very expectations?? I can’t tell you how pleased we are to be able to find people who take pride in the work that God has before them. -Anonymous



My husband and I want you to know that all the work you have done for us has been above and beyond what any contractor has ever done!!! Jeff is thorough and very accurate with each job he performs. It's as though he were doing the repairs or installation in his own home and for that we will continue using Southern ProWash in all our home repairs. My husband can't do a lot of the work anymore and we feel truly blessed to have found a very honest and reliable person to handle these jobs. -Mr. & Mrs. Kinnamon



"Southern ProWash is the most customer-focused business I know of. Period."




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